– Anyone wishing to participate in this year’s Membership drive will first need to join this Facebook Group. This group will close at 5pm on Friday 14th June. After that, no more participants will be accepted.

– Participants must team up with another person to complete this year’s Membership Challenge 

– One member of each team will be required to check-in at Rattlesnake every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 10 weeks consecutively starting Friday 14th June. 

– Each check-in must be for a minimum of 30 mins and will need to be signed off by one of our door staff 

– As well as checking in each week one team member will also be required to complete a challenge. The challenge can be completed by any team member on any night that they check-in.

– Challenges will be announced through this group only and must be completed successfully.

– If a member of a team fails to check in on other Fri, Sat or Sun or fails to complete that week’s challenge both members of that team will be disqualified.

– Disqualified teams will be removed from the group and will be ineligible for Membership.


– Exclusive RFID Rattlesnake Keyring

– Free entry and skip the line privileges every single night we are open*

– 20% off all drink purchases at the club​

– Limited edition Rattlesnake Gold Members custom printed T-shirt

– $150 B’day Bar Tab

– Access to exclusive members events drink promotions and event bar tabs


All current Gold Card holders will automatically receive 2019/20 Gold Member Status. You will, however, need to confirm you are currently an active Club Member. In order for existing members to receive the new RFID Membership Key Ring you will need to do the following:

– Join this Facebook Group by Friday, June 14

– Come to the club in person between August 18th – September 1st to exchange your Gold Card for the new Key Ring


No. You must be in a team and your team member must join this Facebook Group for your team to be eligible.

Last year we gave participants a week off over Splendour however this year it is NOT GUARANTEED. It will be up to the discretion of Rattlesnake management.

There will be a review process by Rattlesnake Management and you may be eligible to find another team member or allowed to finish the as an individual. Please be aware that we will be EXTREMELY strict with this!

Very VERY few. Tragic personal or family situations will be considered. Outside of that you’ll need to come up with a pretty fantastic excuse.